Digital Signage is Changing

LCD and LED-based digital signs are already obsolete, and advertisers know this.

Major advertising projects, known as tenders, have environmental criteria attached to them. Regional and national governments are increasing regulations. Top brands and their investors have strict carbon neutrality goals. Sustainable Signage addresses these needs.

ePaper Sustainable Signage

ePaper Sustainable Signage from Agile Display Solutions consumes 0.8% the power of traditional digital signage. Think about that. Less than one percent.

ePaper Sustainable Signage is even more environmentally friendly than paper signs. Whereas paper or vinyl signs require materials, ink, labor, and (especially) transportation, an ePaper sign can be reprogrammed an unlimited number of times. This benefits the environment and helps meet your ESG objectives.

Power consumption



Environmental Management System

We are promised to reduce the impact on the environment by optimizing the source of raw materials, production, and logistics.


RoHS & WEEE Compliant

Our products are designed under concepts of hazardous substances reductions and e-waste recycling.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Being extremely low-cost to use and maintain, the eco- and budget-friendly products make your brand a win-win situation.

32” Cloud Poster

The Agile Display Solutions 32” Wireless Poster is the world’s first environmentally sustainable, high-resolution, full-color programmable wireless poster. Using cutting-edge Spectra 6 ePaper technology, it requires no power at all, except when you change the image.

Cloud-based management allows you to provision, change or update your content and to monitor the wireless solution, quickly and easily.

Hang and forget, and display your company graphics, marketing message and information wirelessly, for months or more on a single charge.


  • Lightweight Wireless Design, no AC power required
    • Operates for up to 1 year on single charge
  • Brilliant Full-Color ePaper Display
    • 31.5”, 2560×1440 pixels, 60,000 colors
  • Full Solution including Cloud-based content manager
    • Easily schedule and upload full-color images
      via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE
    • Integrates with Existing CMS Systems
  • Thin, Portable and Versatile
    • No cables necessary
    • Easily hang on surface or place on a pole or cart
32” Wireless Poster

(Coming Soon) Outdoor Eco Digital Sign

A revolution in outdoor advertising, the Agile Display Solutions Outdoor Eco Digital Sign is the world’s first ePaper Replacement for outdoor LCDs and static signs.


  • 75 diagonal inches
    • May be retrofittable into existing sign enclosures
  • Robust LTE-based wireless content deployment and device monitoring
  • Cloud-based provisioning and Over-the-Air updates
  • 3840×2160 pixels, 4096 colors, 1 sec Refresh
  • -15 to 60C Operation
  • Optional Front Lighting
    • Less than 20W operation
  • Optional Solar Power
    • For Full Autonomous operation with No Power Hookup
Outdoor Eco Digital Sign

Benefits of ePaper Sustainable Signage

  • Significantly less carbon footprint
    • Uses vastly less power than traditional digital signage
    • And avoids labor, transportation, and material waste needed for conventional static sign
  • Attractive and Pleasing to the Eye
    • With a paper-like finish and no harsh LCD artifacts
  • Sleeker, simpler and more durable than LCD screens
  • Lower Total Cost
    • Cheaper mechanicals, infrastructure, installation, and maintenance
    • Can re-use existing enclosures intended for backlit static signs

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