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Agile Display Solutions Co., Ltd specializes in crafting high-quality displays, ensuring standards meet customer expectations. Since 2022, we have led in meeting ESG demand for sustainable digital signage. Collaborating on EcoDimming technology optimizes brightness, color, and contrast based on ambient lighting. We’ve also launched the 32″ Cloud Poster using Spectra 6 ePaper technology with ultra-low power consumption. Cloud-based management facilitates quick device setup and content changes.

龍星顯示科技一直致力於ESG,對節能環保數位電子看板日益增長的需求,目前正與技術夥伴合作導入EcoDimming技術,來使液晶顯示器可以依據環境照明的強弱來控制 LCD 的各個像素以及背光的各個區域,以達到優化亮度感測、色彩和對比度之效果。同時除了傳統LCD之外,我們也針對目前最夯的電子紙技術推出了 32″Cloud Poster,此產品具備超低耗電特性及全彩的 Spectra 6 ePaper 技術,透過雲端管理系統,即可快速地設置和修改內容。

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Cloud Poster 32"


75" High Brightness EcoDimming


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