Agile is led by a global team of display industry veterans with broad experience in all aspects of display technology products and markets

JbDainesJ.B. Daines
President & CEO

JB Daines is the president and CEO of Agile Display Solutions and serves as a member of its Board of Directors. He spun-off Agile from the Chi Mei group in 2014, has since doubled revenue and shipments, and has positioned the company for continued high growth.  Prior to Agile, he has held executive positions including VP of Sales and Marketing for Ostendo Technologies, and VP and General Manager for the Infocus EMEA Business Unit. JB has over 20 years of experience in the AV industry and has deep relationships with many of the key manufacturers in the display industry.

Paul Williams
Director Product Marketing

Paul Williams is the Director of Product Marketing for Agile and is instrumental in integrating the latest technologies to meet our customers’ current and future product requirements.  For the past 20 years, Paul has created imaging and display products for premier electronics brands like Planar Systems, NVIDIA, and Hewlett-Packard. Paul has an MSME from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Marco van Eijk
Regional Director EMEA

Marco van Eijk joined Agile in 2010 as Business Development Manager, in 2014 Marco took over the position as Regional Director EMEA. Marco has over 20 years’ experience in national and international sales positions at technology companies such as Carl Zeiss and AVNET. Marco holds a BS EE and studied international change management at Nyenrode University.

Morgan Hseuh
Director Sales Operations & PM

Morgan Hseuh leads Agile Display Solutions’ Sales Operations and Product Management teams.  His groups support our OEM/ODM customers worldwide with new product development and providing ongoing product support and order management.  As a leader of sales operations and product management, Morgan and his team enable good customer communications and ensure that product flow is smooth and supports our customers’ sales and inventory objectives.  Morgan has more than 10 years in the display industry and has worked closely with many large display brands.

CC Huang
Director Software & Service

CC Huang leads Agile’s customer service, software/firmware design, and design quality assurance teams to provide excellence in customer service and technical support.  CC has a breadth of experience in software design, industrial automation systems, and technical support with companies such as Unitech, JS Automation, and Chilin.

Shing Lin
Director Hardware R&D

Shing Lin is Agile’s Director of  Hardware R&D.  Before joining Agile in 2014,  Shing served in R&D leadership positions at Arima Computers and Chi Lin Technology.   He brings a wealth of experience with over 19 years in the LCD field with a focus on technology development and customer enablement.  Shing has an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kun Shan.

Edward Liao
Director Finance & Administration

Edward Liao is Agile’s Director of Finance and Administration.  Prior to joining Agile, he’s held finance, accounting and Human Resource roles at companies including CanWest Global Communications and Arthur Anderson.  Edward has finance experience in M&A and taking companies through the IPO process. He has international experience in Taiwan, the US, and Canada.  Eddy has a B.A. in Public Finance with a major in Accounting and recently earned an EMBA.