Mr. K.F. “Richard” Soong
Chairman of the Board

Richard K. F. Soong has been the Chairman of Agile Display Solutions since Agile spun-off from the Chi Mei group in 2014. Mr. Soong served as President of Chi Lin Technology Co. Ltd. since March 4, 1990, and he has been Chairman of Chi Lin Technology Co., Ltd. since December 13, 2002.

Mr. Soong is an experienced entrepreneur. He had started his own foreign trade business in the 1980s, and after returning to Chi Mei group in 1990, he had served as directors in Chi Lin Technology and Chi Mei Frozen Food Co., Ltd. He had significantly increased the market share of Chi Mei Frozen Food in Taiwan and overseas, and  successfully transformed Chi Lin Technology from a traditional chemical company to a high-tech company with excellent RD team and manufacturing capacity.

 Mr. Soong now holds several managerial positions in Chi Mei group, including Chairman of Chi Mei Frozen Food Co., Ltd., Director of Chi Mei Corporation and Chi Mei Medical Center.

Mr. Soong has studied in the English Department of Soochow University.

Scott Soong
Board Member

Scott Soong, board member of Agile Display Solutions, has over a decade of experience in software in addition to 12 years working in displays businesses. Mr. Soong serves as an Associate Vice President of Chilin Technology. During his career, Scott has been a founding partner at four startup companies, and he sits on the board of several other technology businesses as a consulting partner. He is an entrepreneur at heart. He has extensive experience in displays used for industrial applications and in custom display design. His experience also includes software application, supply chain management and B2B services.

J.B. Daines
President & CEO

JB Daines is the president and CEO of Agile Display Solutions and serves as a member of its Board of Directors. He spun-off Agile from the Chi Mei group in 2014, has since doubled revenue and shipments, and has positioned the company for continued high growth.  Prior to Agile, he has held executive positions including VP of Sales and Marketing for Ostendo Technologies, and VP and General Manager for the Infocus EMEA Business Unit.  JB has over 20 years of experience in the AV industry and has deep relationships with many of the key manufacturers in the display industry.